What is Dragonboat?

A dragon boat team consists of 20 paddlers sitting two abreast, plus a steersperson who steers the dragon boat from the rear and a drummer who sits at the front. The team of paddlers work in unison to propel the boat forwards from a standing start, the aim being to reach the finish line in the fastest time. Generally a race consists of between 4 and 6 boats.

What if I am not in the greatest shape?

We all start from somewhere. It takes some time to get used to the new gym and working out environment. With us you will be immersed in an encouraging and supportive environment where the trainers will be there with you every step of the way. All fitness levels are welcome and we encourage everyone to give dragon boat a try, especially those that are gearing towards something out of their comfort zone.

Do I have to be a Rotman Commerce student to try out?

Although we are affiliated with Rotman Commerce, we welcome all students who attend the University of Toronto from all program backgrounds.