What is Liquid Assets?

Rotman Commerce Liquid Assets is a Canadian competitive dragon boat team affiliated with the University of Toronto's Rotman Commerce program.

Since 2007, they have competed in regattas across Eastern Canada with exponential improvement each year. According to the Canadian Dragon Boat Rankings’ Momentum Watch, they are the top emerging team to watch out for in the 0:00.0 to 2:05.0 category. During the 2017 Canadian Dragon Boat National Championships, they proved to be the second fastest University team in Canada and secured 3rd place in the U24 Division, thus qualifying for the next IDBF Club Crew World Championships in Szeged, Hungary.

The team has been built on three principal pillars: Commitment, Character and AthletiCism:


They are committed to the process rather than results: training 2-3 times a week and bonding during team socials.


They are more than just competitive paddlers. They are caring, respectful, and have good sportsmanship.


They strive to develop themselves as athletes, but value progress, discipline, and drive over brute strength.

Liquid Assets aims to empower each member (recruit or veteran) to push themselves and others beyond their limits, both physically and mentally. Although they take training seriously, they are known most for the formation of friendship and family–the bond that keeps them all united.

Although not everyone paddles on their summer roster, their strong alumni network has allowed their recruits to still gain paddling experience with corporate dragon boat teams.